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Human emotions to enhance user experience.

It's when we accurately listen to people's stories in their everyday's life that we unequivocally learn how to meet their needs by creating something excellent.

urban bottle

I'm filling light

Alessandra Valenti is a professional choreographer and movement director for various Italian artists and the Italian National Rhythmic Gymnastic Team "Le Farfalle".

Her day is full of activities, and her schedule buzzes with numerous meetings and sessions.
Alessandra's busy lifestyle is the perfect example of how our Urban Bottle can be highly versatile and useful during the day.

Urban Bottle is our extra lightweight water bottle. Its matchless design concept makes it the ideal choice to carry along anywhere to ensure your comfortable daily hydration. With a touch of colour.

clima bottle

I'm filling dynamic

Antilai Sandrini, Stefano Beltrame and Omar Fatnassi are professional break dancers and athletes. Their life is marked by the rhythm of the beat; they never lose a step between training sessions and new inspirations.

They love to dance anytime, anywhere. Hydration is paramount to replenish essential electrolytes and cool off after a good sweat.
Clima Bottle is perfect for active people like our breakers friends. Reusable, plastic-free and created to last a long time without impacting the environment. It doesn't matter if you're into breaker style or more into classic ballet; with Clima Bottle, you can make sustainable and tasteful drinking possible.

Clima Bottle is our insulated water bottle that keeps your drinks cold and hot for hours. It is lightweight and versatile for all your needs. Sweat-free and space-saving, it is designed to follow you in every adventure.

travel tumbler

I'm filling unique

Allison Fullin is an Italian-Cuban fashion stylist and creative consultant. She collaborates with artists, musicians, designers and high-profile athletes.

She's constantly on the hunt for the next cool trends and visionary concepts, always adding her unique and unmistakable touch.
Allison's original lifestyle is the perfect example of how our Travel Tumbler can carry your daily dose of coffee or tea, just the right amount to keep you functioning. We know that you know.

Travel Tumbler is our insulated mug that keeps your drinks hot and cold for hours. Perfectly leakproof and sweat-free, it is designed to be highly versatile. It comes with a Coffee Lid for sipping mode, but you can switch to the Sport Lid during the workout and to the Food Lid to store your favourite snacks.

lunch box

I'm filling creative

Graduated in art history, Lorenzo Bises is passionate about vintage and artisanal clothing, design objects, architecture, street markets, and bike rides. Defined as an "artistic communicator" on Instagram, he has shared art and culture on social media for years.

Lorenzo has the remarkable gift of finding the most fascinating and aesthetic details in everything.
Our Lunch Box is perfect for Lorenzo's love for good taste. Now, he can carry a healthy lunch in an innovative "à la mode" container without ruining his outfit.

The 24Bottles Lunch Box is 100% leakproof, and its compartment system preserves the taste of your meal to make your break feel like an everyday pleasure. It is designed to carry everything you need in less space, making your life easier.


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