Van Orton x 24Bottles

Eyes on future

Van Orton x 24Bottles

VAN ORTON x 24bottles

'90s inspiration

24Bottles presents the Van Orton x 24Bottles collection "Eyes On Future: looking at the invisible" released for Milan Design Week 2024.

Van Orton is a creative duo composed of a pair of twins from Turin. Their art is heavily influenced by pop culture and stained glass-inspired design from churches, evolving with symmetrical grafts and luminous lines. The pseudonym Van Orton comes from Nicholas Van Orton, an imaginary character from David Fincher's 1997 film "The Game," played by Michael Douglas.

Eyes on the details

The Artwork

Human hands join with animal eyes to show the necessary connection between individuals and the universe as they look together at their inevitably intertwined future.

The different graphic signs represent the relationships, communication structures, and behavioral patterns of modern societies.

The ultimate goal is to find different perspectives, acquire the ability to see what really matters, and make the invisible visible.


Why the tiger?

The tiger is often used to represent courage and strength. Furthermore, its striped coat is a perfect example of camouflage to become invisible. As a community, we are called to build means to create powerful relationships, encourage positive changes, and give visibility to the invisible, whether it be human, animal, or natural.

Eyes on the messages

Open your eyes

The message of the Van Orton x 24Bottles collaboration is an invitation to open our eyes to pay attention to issues often overlooked or ignored, such as environmental degradation, social inequalities, injustices, but also mental health.

The theme invites us to be more aware of the invisible consequences of our actions and to work towards creating a fairer and more sustainable future for all.


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