24Bottles Travel Tumbler: the 100% leakproof experience for coffee and smoothie lovers
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24Bottles Travel Tumbler: the 100% leakproof experience for coffee and smoothie lovers

17 January 2022

Your coffee-break during the rush hour!

Introducing Travel Tumbler

We know that you are always on the move, in a constantly changing environment where you need to be ready to adjust your plans in a second. With Travel Tumbler, we created the ultimate accessory for coffee lovers and a stylish commuter-proof ally during the rush hour. Bring it with you and savour your favourite comfort drink everywhere.

High quality materials and compact design

High quality materials and compact design

Made of 18/8 stainless steel to guarantee 24Bottles’ high-quality, long-lasting, reusable standards, Travel Tumbler keeps the flavour of your beverages without imparting any taste or releasing harmful substances.

Travel Tumbler fits most car cup holders and comes in two sizes: 350 ml and 600 ml, for the strongest coffee drinkers. Bring Travel Tumbler without worrying about anything: its lid is leakproof and easy to open.

Ready when you need it, Travel Tumbler will keep your drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 24.


Clever commuting hacks: always carry a book with you, be ready to appreciate beauty in everything you see and do not underestimate the power of a hot coffee or a good energy smoothie! 24Bottles Travel Tumbler was born for those who catch the 7 am train, wait at traffic lights, and flow through the city.

Fill it with your favourite drink, grab it on your way out and enjoy.

More than just coffee

What does your favorite drink say about you?

If you are curious and romantic, chances are that you will choose the calmness of a Chai Latte.

Those with sweet tooth will prefer a sumptuous hot chocolate, while the health-conscious will opt for fresh juices, smoothies or vegetable drink.
Travel Tumbler will become your best ally, whether you’re a coffee-holic or a smoothie person. Serve your homemade cocktails or enjoy tasteful fruit extracts with an elegant, italian designed accessory.

Perfect for latte, spiced coffee, smoothie, milkshake, fruit juice, lemonade, iced tea, it will follow your everyday life with its easy and safe flip-top system.

Stylish and sustainable

Travel Tumbler ist klimaneutral! Die CO2-Emissionen, die bei der Herstellung, dem Transport und der Verpackung all unserer Produkte entstehen, werden dank der von uns weltweit unterstützten Aufforstungsprogramme eliminiert.

Wählen Sie dieses Accessoire mit einzigartigem Design, verleihen Sie Ihrem kosmopolitischen Look eine besondere Note und tragen Sie dazu bei, den Einsatz von Einwegbrillen zu reduzieren.

Stylish and sustainable

Stylish and sustainable

Did you know that Travel Tumbler is zero emissions? The CO2 emissions involved in the production, transportation and packaging of all our products are offset, thanks to international reforestation programs. By choosing this unique design accessory, you will add a special touch to your cosmopolitan look and you will help reduce the use of disposable cups.

Learn more about our sustainability commitment.


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