Warmer days are coming, and we want to give you easy advice on how to stay hydrated, cutting off sugar and not giving up taste.

Drinking at least two litres of water per day is considered a healthy habit. But drinking water can become tedious after a while. Suppose you want something as satisfying as a juice but with the lightness of freshwater. In that case, you should try infused water.

Why is infused water a clever way to stay hydrated?
It is low in calories, without losing in tastiness. It helps your body get rid of toxins and makes it easy to replace sugary drinks, which is good to control weight. Moreover, you can choose the ingredients by yourself: pick organic fruits and vegetables to match them with your favourite herbs.

Bottle Infuser Lid: designed for tea and infusions lovers

Bottle Infuser Lid: designed for tea and infusions lovers

You can make your favourite infused water directly into your insulated water bottle. How? We created Bottle Infuser Lid, an all-in-one alternative to make your infusions on the go, easy and quick.

Now you can make your favourite infused water by simply putting chopped fruits and herbs into the Bottle Infuser Lid. You can also add spices for a touch of extra flavour.

Add it to Clima Bottle to keep your infused water cold for 24 hours and your tea hot up to 12 hours for clever, delicious, and stylish hydration.
When you’re done, remove the Bottle Infuser Lid easily and safely, then reuse or discard the ingredients.

Do you own a Clima Bottle already?

You can just buy the Bottle Infuser Lid separately, choosing among our range of colourful accessories, and match it to your Clima Bottle of choice. Remember! Bottle Infuser Lid fits all 24Bottles sizes.


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