Earth Day 2022: a Carbon Neutral water bottle to save our Planet
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Earth Day 2022: a Carbon Neutral water bottle to save our Planet

22 April 2022


24Bottles celebrates Earth Day 2022 marking a significant milestone: our iconic water bottles are now CarbonNeutral® certified and officially become a zero-impact solution to help the planet.

"We didn't want to move the problem: we wanted to fix it."

"We didn't want to move the problem: we wanted to fix it."

24Bottles was born in 2013 to eliminate the impact of disposable plastic bottles on our planet. Its two young founders - Giovanni Randazzo and Matteo Melotti - didn't just want to move the problem: after all, even a reusable water bottle impacts the planet. For this reason, they have decided to embark in a journey towards "carbon neutrality".

What is "carbon neutrality"?

"Carbon neutrality" is reached when the greenhouse gases emitted by man are equal to those removed from the atmosphere in a certain period. The process may also be referred to as "offsetting net emissions".

Measure, reduce, compensate.

Obtaining the CarbonNeutral® certification implies measuring your impact, reducing the emissions of your directly-managed activities, and compensating for the residual quota until the total equals zero.

24Bottles: by the people, for the people

24Bottles: by the people, for the people

CarbonNeutral® certification: credibility and transparency

Natural Capital Partners, the world's leading carbon neutrality and climate finance experts, grant the CarbonNeutral® certification following the CarbonNeutral Protocol. The protocol is the global standard for zero-emission programs, providing the pragmatic guidance companies need to make credible carbon neutrality claims. It is updated annually to ensure compliance with the most current scientific and sector best practices, providing companies worldwide with the guarantee that their action to eliminate emissions is clear, transparent and of the highest quality.

How 24Bottles obtained CarbonNeutral® certification

24Bottles first measured its Carbon Footprint through an independent assessment by TÜV Rheinland, a leading body for universal standards certification.
We took action to reduce and offset the impact starting from the TÜV Rheinland measurements.
Then, we chose to support emission reduction projects, independently assessed with Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Gold Standard.

The projects supported by 24Bottles: conservation, subsistence, clean energy.

Projects supported by 24Bottles include solutions for the conservation of the natural environment, programs for the health and subsistence of rural communities, construction of sustainable infrastructure and the creation of clean energy.

Conservation of 105,000 hectares of rainforest in Brazil through the Acre Amazonian Rainforest Conservation REDD + Portfolio program, protecting some of the most biodiverse habitats in the world;

Improved livelihood for rural communities in India through the Rural Clean Cooking program, a set of Gold Standard projects for small-scale low-income farmers in rural areas of central India that provides a closed-loop solution to provide drinking water and energy clean;

Promote renewable energy projects through the Renewable Energy Portfolio, which is active worldwide, to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to the growing global demand for energy, building sustainable infrastructures.

"Every day is Earth Day for 24Bottles: a nonstop commitment."

In celebrating World Earth Day 2022 with CarbonNeutral® certification, Giovanni Randazzo and Matteo Melotti - founders of 24Bottles - take the opportunity to emphasize that this is not a trivial anniversary or a mere milestone to toast to:

"Every day is Earth Day for 24Bottles. Our nonstop commitment leads us to find and face new challenges every day.
While our products are now CarbonNeutral® certified, the entire company is B Corporation® certified, and this requires us to do better and better: our goal is to bring positive change to build the future of the planet for the next generations. For this reason, we will soon launch a series of initiatives to raise awareness on the issue, involving our partners, universities, and private citizens.
As we often repeat: today, for tomorrow. Stay tuned! "


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