B Corp: what does it mean to be certified B Corporation for 24Bottles
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B Corp: what does it mean to be certified B Corporation for 24Bottles

14 January 2022

Use business as a force for good. Let’s spread awareness.

B Corp is an acronym for B Corporation. Certified B Corporations are organizations aspiring to make a positive impact on the world. Or more specifically, “businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose”, as stated on the B Corporation website.

What does it mean to be certified B Corporation for 24Bottles

What does it mean to be certified B Corporation for 24Bottles

Since its foundation in 2013, sustainability is one of the essential values of 24Bottles.
But going through the rigorous B Corp application process allowed us to reconsider every aspect of the business with a new perspective.
We ato ask ourselves new questions: how deeply are we committed? How can we support others to embrace this commitment?

While producing the supporting documentation required to become a B Corp, we found areas with room for improvement. And this gave us a new purpose to go further ahead: making people our top priority.

24Bottles: by the people, for the people

24Bottles: by the people, for the people

What makes 24Bottles different from other brands?

The people.
It’s the attention that every company employee puts every day into making this project an added value for anyone who comes into contact with us.

The 24Bottles value chain starts from those who design our products to be the best combination of form, function, performance and style. It continues with those who run systematic tests, investing in quality, durability and safety. Our value path continues with the relationships we build with other companies and the partners with which we collaborate.

And even when this value chain should encounter a drawback, everyone is invited to examine criticism scrupulously. The idea is to involve everyone in finding the best solution, making it systemic and strive for continuous improvement.
At the end of the day, ensuring sustainability – in all its aspects: environmental, social, economic and cultural – is up to each and everyone of us.

Inside every 24Bottles, there are many people who dedicate their energies every day to delivering real and shared value to the next generations: this is the ultimate goal of our ethical and sustainable design.24Bottles is certified B Corp since January 2020.


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