24Bottles hit the runway with Dior in Miami

Dior’s Pre-Fall 2020 show

We always remember our “firsts”, but this one will be impossible to forget.
24Bottles hit its very first runway on December 4th in Miami at the Dior Pre-Fall 2020 Menswear Collection.

We are proud of being chosen as one of the design accessories included in the Dior’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection. An exclusive edition of Clima Bottle found its place on the runway, swaying gently on one model’s belt.

Dior Men’s artistic director Kim Jones took Miami by storm last week with a surfer-inspired, ‘80s kind-of-style runway. Inside the degradé scenography, green and lime colours dominated the atmosphere, with different versions of Dior’s logo displayed in a graffiti version.

The focus on accessories of this collection was marked by several creations: tasteful shoppers, elegant berets, a sophisticated fan, even a limited edition of American Air Jordan 1.

A logo-emblazoned Clima Bottle was spotted through the stream of exclusive pieces and was included in the special kit offered to a selection of guests among which Bella Hadid, Daniel Arsham, David Beckham, Maluma and Kate Moss.

Clima Bottle: a sustainable Italian design accessory

In creating Clima Bottle, 24Bottles achieved the ultimate synthesis of compact design and thermal resistance. Completely plastic-free, double-walled and insulated, Clima Bottle is a watertight stainless steel bottle capable of keeping drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24.

24Bottles fosters a more sustainable lifestyle, reducing the impact of disposable plastic bottles on the planet and our lives. The CO2 emissions involved in its production, transportation and packaging are offset, by supporting international reforestation programs.

24Bottles and Dior created a Clima Bottle edition as a result of unique manufacturing and synergy between creative brands. The yellow and lime-green gradient of the runway’s scenography was used as a canvas to engrave Stussy’s iconic lettering, creating an intriguing and irregular texture.



In the beginning, there was a Californian manufacturer of surfboards.
His name is Shawn Stussy.
He used to scribble his surname on his handcrafted surfboards with a broad tipped marker. In the early ‘80s, he founded a company that adopted this signature as a logo to be displaced on clothes and accessories and has since become one of the most recognizable “Californian lifestyle” brands.
Shawn Stussy is the man who sublimed skateboarder culture, bringing it to the most exclusive circle of Laguna Beach, before resigning as President of the Company in 1996.
His reappearance under the spotlights for a Dior collaboration added much anticipation to the show, gathering nostalgic millennials as well as design lovers.

The brand’s iconic lettering dominated the show and its exclusive accessories, spreading a streetwear and graffiti ambience all over the crowd. Kim Jones’s love for streetwear is only part of the equation behind this collaboration with Stussy. Dior’s artistic director for menswear remembered in an interview how he would copy Stussy’s familiar logo in his school notebooks, and wanting to include it in his collection as a recognition
of his significance in streetwear fashion.

24Bottles is honoured of having being part of a show that
celebrated art and design.
Clima Bottle gracefully wore Stussy’s iconic lettering, proving its versatility and living the dream of any fashion lover: hitting the runway with Dior.

24Bottles x Dior second release: Dior Mug and Mug Holder

24Bottles x Dior second release: Dior Mug and Mug Holder

On December 2020, Dior and 24Bottles renewed their collaboration with the exclusive Dior Mug and Mug Holder.
In the new release, Travel Tumbler by 24Bottles sports the refined Dior Oblique pattern, one of the House’s timeless motifs, presented in three-dimensional feature in the elegant shade of midnight blue.
24Bottles x Dior Mug is part of the Dior Men Ski Capsule and is sold exclusively in combination with the Mug Holder, the hook specially designed by the Maison to carry it comfortably anywhere and also secure it to a bag.

Travel Tumbler is the coffee mug designed by 24Bottles. 100% leakproof and thermal, it keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours.
Perfect for coffee on the go and smoothies, with a convenient flip-top system specially designed for everyday life, it is the ideal companion to sip also spiced milk, fruit juice, cocktails, iced tea, vegetable drinks or hot chocolate.

The 24Bottles x Dior Mug and Mug Holder will be on sale exclusively at Dior boutiques and on www.dior.com.


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